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Chamber pot Ekopikkula

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Ekopikkula is a handy, ecological chamber pot for temporary use (for example, during construction) or for night-time use at a holiday home or by a sickbed.

  • normal seating height 45 cm
  • air tight lid
Does not require water Does not require electricity

Choose accessories as needed:

Spare pot for chamber pots

The spare pot is meant to be an accessory for our Ekopikkula, Pikkula and Handicap toilet seat. It extends the service intervals and hence brings comfort to the usage of chamber pots.

  • Extra capacity for your chamber pot
  • Less frequent service

In stock: over 15 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


Ekopikkula chamber pot has been developed in Finland. The package includes wooden pellets, biobags and the toilet with a seat and a lid. When used right, Ekopikkula is an easy, hygienic and odorless extra toilet to many use cases.


Ekopikkula is portable and it does not require any kind of installation. When the wooden pellet is used as dry material, the emptying can be done every 2-4 days depending on the use. The pellet efficiently absorbs the liquid and prevents odor problems. A suitable amount of the pellet is 1-2 dl after every use.  The biobags that come in the package make the service and cleaning easier.

The wooden pellet is produced by compressing saw dust in high pressure to pellets. No chemicals or other substances are used in the process. pellet absorbs liquid about three times its own weight. The great advantage of the pellet is that it does not make dust like many other dry materials like peat. This is especially important in indoor use.


  • waste container (toilet) 37 liters, height 45 cm, Ø 40 cm
  • white seat with a lid
  • black lid
  • bag of wooden pellet 4 kg
  • biodegradable waste bags 40 pcs


Ekopikkula chamber pot is intended to be emptied to a compost, eg. a garden compost. Also the biobags can be composted with the waste. Please note, that different authorities have different regulations for toilet waste disposal. refer to your own municipality for more information.

When the chamber pot is empty, a bag is put inside and tightened with the seat to the right place. The use can continue again.

Please, do handle the white plastic seat forcefully in cold temperature, because it is more likely to break when the material is cold.


Ekopikkula package is also available without the pellet and the biobags: Pikkula Chamber pot.

If longer emptying intervals are needed, it is possible to use biological odor prevention agents: Septibio or ProBio Tech Odor Remover. They can be used without interfering the composting process.

if the toilet will be used by a person who has problems in moving, may better choice could be either Separett Sanitoa or a toilet chair for disabled. They have a higher seating height and are more sturdy.

If the need for a chamber pot is permanent or long term, you might want to consider having a freezing toilet Privetti.

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