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Wastewater purifiers

Purifying grey wastewaters is much easier than black toilet wastewaters. In most cases, grey wastewaters can be managed privately in own property with a grey water filter.


Choice and installation of a grey water filter

Regarding installation, a grey water filter can be partially dug below ground-level or left completely on ground. All wastewater from showers, sauna and kitchen can be led to a single grey water filter. Toilet wastewaters cannot be purified with a grey water filter.

When choosing the right grey water filter, the following things should be considered:

  • Household size
  • Summer / Winter usage
  • Home appliances in use
  • Limitations/opportunities of the property
  • Local regulation

In the idea situation, all wastewaters can be purified with a single grey water filter. However, in case there are several houses, like for example a main villa and a sauna, it may be difficult to connect the houses to the single grey water filtration system. The good thing about grey water filters in our selection is that you do not need an excavator or any external machinery to dig or install the filters. You can easily leave the grey water purifier on ground with the limitations of your property and natural water flow.

Do I need a separate grease well?

If you plan to purify wastewaters from kitchen, yes you should have a separate grease well. This is simply because kitchen wastewater from dishes usually contains a lot of grease which is not good for the filtration process. In addition, the grease separation well prevents problems of odor.

Maintenance of a grey water purifier

Remember to service your grey water filter! Once you have chosen and installed your new grey water filter, keep in mind that none of the grey water filters are service-free. Depending on your filter model, recall changing the filtration masses (GeoTrap, Saunabox) or clean the biofilter elements (Matala, BioBoxes) at least once a year.