Chamber pot Pikkula


Pikkuvihreä Pikkula is a chamber pot for various use cases: for nighttime, beside a sick bed or during renovation works. The package consists of a sturdy waste bin, a tight lid and a seat with a lid.

  • suitable seating height
  • lightweight
  • tight lid

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Pikkula chamber pot is useful in many cases: in a guest house, at the cottage, during renovation etc. It can be used as potty as it is or with dry material, when the emptying intervals can be longer. Also biodegradable waste bags can be used to help cleaning. The toilet  waste can be composted together with the biobags in a garden composter. The urine will boost the composting.


  • Volume of the bin 37 litres (BioBags of 35 l can be used, they fit and  can be bent over the edge)
  • Height 45 cm (suitable for seating)
  • diameter 40 cm

As an accessory, a metal handle for carrying is available.

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