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Wostman EcoDry separating porcelain pedestal

To divert urine or not to divert urine?

Urine diversion has always been a hot topic in field of dry toilets.

Composting dry toilet indoors?

Composting toilets have lots of advantages compared to other dry toilet models.

Ventilation of dry toilets

Ventilation is one of the key components in making a well-working dry toilet. In this blog post we are focusing on how to make a good ventilation for a dry toilet in different use cases.
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Protips for the Green Toilet owners

In this blog post we share some valuable tips to the current Green Toilet owners and for those planning to become one. We cover here topics like Green Toilet maintenance and safe use of the compost. In addition, we will answer questions regarding the capacity of the Green Toilet.
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“Does it smell?”

“Does it smell?” is the most common concern our customers have about waterless toilets. In this blog post we will explain in detail how modern compost toilets are made odorless.
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