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Composting dry toilet indoors?

Composting toilets have lots of advantages compared to other dry toilet models.

Urine-separating and non-separating toilets

Discussion around urine separation has almost emotional levels. Is there a way to tell which is better: to separate the urine or not? If yes, how and when? Read our blog and see what we think.
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Green Toilets in Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland

Large, cold and distant glacier in Iceland – probably not the first place you might think to encounter a waterless composting dry toilet. Well, actually there is and a wonderful one!
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Composting dry toilet indoors, pros and cons?

Composting toilets have several advantages that other toilet models do not. Modern composting toilets can be installed indoors with no problems of odor. Read our blog post of pros and cons of having a composting toilet in indoor use.
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