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Wash your hands, hey!

Remember to take care of your hand hygiene. Pikkuvihreä has the best hand washing tools for cabin and holiday home life.

Green Toilet LUX

Modern indoor dry toilets are now pop!

There is no reason why a modern dry toilet couldn't be placed indoors. Let us help you in choosing the right model.

Australian Green Toilet was born!

Green Toilets are not only made in Finland, but also on the other side of the world! Read more about our work and production of Green Toilets in Australia with Green Loo.
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Green Toilets on the map: Spain

Warm and sunny climate make Spain a perfect country for composting dry toilets. Nonetheless, surprisingly few compost toilets exist in Spain yet. In collaboration with Saneseco (Barcelona), Pikkuvihreä is going for a change by bringing Green Toilets to Spain!
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Helsinki to build the most beautiful outhouses – Green Toilets on board!

The capital of Finland will build beautiful design outhouses in various locations. Pikkuvihreä to deliver Green Toilets!
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