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Spare pot for chamber pots


The spare pot is meant to be an accessory for our Ekopikkula, Pikkula and Handicap toilet seat. It extends the service intervals and hence brings comfort to the usage of chamber pots.

  • Extra capacity for your chamber pot
  • Less frequent service


Intended usage

The spare pot is meant to provide extra capacity for chamber pots Ekopikkula and Pikkula. Usually, extra capacity is needed when emptying the chamber pot is not possible for example in a boat or if the user of the pot is an elder and cannot do emptying by herself/himself .

The spare pot may also be used with our Handicap toilet seat to enable less frequent service of the seat. The standard pot of the handicap toilet seat is quite small (only 9 liters), but with the spare pot, the toilet is more pleasant to use and requires less frequent service.

Package contents

  • Black 37-Liter pot
  • Airtight lid for the pot
Height (cm) 43 cm
Diameter (cm) 39 cm
Volume (Liters) 37 L
Weight (empty) 1.5 kg
Color Black

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