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Portable toilets and chamber pots

A portable toilet or a chamber pot – as they are sometimes called, is an easy way to bring sanitation anywhere quickly. Portable toilets don´t need any kind of installation and they can be placed to by a sick bed, to a guest house or used during renovation works, in a boat etc.

There are many kinds of needs where a light dry toilet can help a lot and give extra security. For example, when you should go to the outhouse during dark hours or when it is icy.

You can use the portable toilet just like a chamber pot and empty it every day eg. to a compost. Another alternative is, that you use biobags and some dry material in the toilet. Thus, the emptying interval can be longer, usually 2-5 days. If you want to prolong the service even longer, you may use Jannes Septibio biodegrader, which will prevent the odors effectively.

As a bulking agent in a portable toilet, you can use the same materials that are available for outhouse use: peat, saw dust etc. We at Pikkuvihreä recommend wooden pellets, which are clean to use indoors as they do not make dust as some other materials. Take a look at our wide selection: there are very light versions, portable toilets with nice design like Sanitoa as well as a portable toilet model for handicapped. Surely you will be able to find a toilet solution for your need.

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