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Handicap toilet seat foldable

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A foldable toilet seat for handicapped. Can be used as an aid to a regular toilet or as a nighttime portable toilet. The seat has adjustable legs. It can also be used as a support aid in the shower.

  • sturdy, easily mounted frame
  • three use cases
  • adjustable height 42-57 cm
Does not require water Does not require electricity

Choose accessories as needed:

The spare pot is meant to be an accessory for our Ekopikkula, Pikkula and Handicap toilet seat. It extends the service intervals and hence brings comfort to the usage of chamber pots.

  • Extra capacity for your chamber pot
  • Less frequent service

BioBag Superline biodegradable bags go to many dry toilets, such as freezing toilets Privetti, Icelett and Freeze as well as Separett Villa. There are 40 bags in the roll.

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Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


A foldable handicap toilet that is easy to install without any tools. It is easy to storage when folded.

It is a “3 in 1” -aid solution:

  • a chamber pot (6 liters)
  • a support aid when using normal toilet
  • a support aid in shower

The frame is epoxy painted steel. The toilet seat closes softly.

The handicap toilet is possible to equip with a spare pot that has greater 37 liter capacity and hence enable less frequent service of the chamber pot.


The seat comes equipped with a bucket+ lid and a shaft (needed when used with a regular toilet).


  • seating height, adjustable 42-57 cm
  • back support, adjustable 61-76 cm
  • distance between handles 45 cm
  • area needed for the chair 54 x 54 cm
  • max. load 110 kg
  • Weight 7,5 kg

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