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Wastewater treatment

Pikkuvihreä has specialized in grey water purification. Grey water is a general notion for all household wastewaters excluding toilet wastewater, that is, wastewaters from for example shower, sauna and kitchen.

How to manage your wastewaters in holiday home?

By far the most common off-grid way to manage household wastewaters is to have separate solutions for toilet waste and all the rest. This is simply because purifying toilet wastewater (a.k.a. black water) requires extremely powerful and sophisticated purifiers that cost hundreds of thousands of Euros. A clever workaround is to have a waterless dry toilet as the toilet solution and take care of all the rest of wastewaters with a grey water purifier which cost only a fraction of black water purifiers.

Why to have a grey water filter and a dry toilet?

A Grey water purifier like for example the GeoTrap offers a great way to take care of your grey wastewaters responsibly. Without filtration, all the nutrients in kitchen and washing wastewaters would end up in lakes and seas, causing pollution. The purpose of grey water purifiers is to catch the nutrients before the end up in the environment.

Grey water purifiers are meant for grey waters from kitchen and showering. In contrast, they are not suitable for black toilet waste water. Fortunately, there is a brilliant solution available: a dry toilet. From our web shop, you’ll find the best dry toilets for every use case. Contact us and let us assist you in choosing the right grey water purifier and a dry toilet for your use case! Email us at [email protected]


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