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Freezing toilet

A freezing toilet is a special dry toilet that freezes all toilet waste so that it does not smell at all. Freezing toilet is at it’s best as a secondary toilet inside the outhouse for example during nighttime or when it is otherwise difficult to visit the outhouse outside.

Freezing toilet operates pretty much the same as a normal freezer. The bottom of the toilet is constantly cold in about -20 to -30 * Celsius degrees. Hence, all fresh toilet waste freezes in matter of minutes producing no smell at all.

Advantages of freezing toilet

One of the greatest advantages of a freezing toilet is easy installation. All you have to do is simply plug-in the electricity cord and you are good to go. No need for ventilation or any other special setup. Thanks to easy set-up, the toilet can be pleased freely in any space suitable in your cabin. The toilet can also easily be moved if needed for example during house cleaning. A freezing toilet brings comfort when you do not need to exit the house to go outside for toilet. Also, you do not need to use any extra dry material unless you want to cover your “tracks”. Finally, the power consumption of freezing toilets is generally much lower than for example incinerating toilets that use a lot of electricity to burn toilet waste.

Consider where to empty your freezing toilet before purchasing

Freezing toilets have limited capacity. Our Privetti freezing toilet has 25-liter freeze bucket which fills up after every 20-30 uses. Therefore, the toilet needs to be emptied sooner or later. The most common solution for emptying is a separate toilet waste composter outside the house. The freeze bucket can be lifted up from the freezing toilet and carried out to the composter. The icy contents can then be lifted with a biodegradable plastic bag from the bucket into the toilet waste composter. The contents will then melt inside the toilet waste composter and compost in matter of 6 to 12 months. Once the toilet waste has fully composted, it can be reused in garden for example.

Disadvantages of freezing toilet

Probably the most significant disadvantage of the freezing toilet is related to the limited, small capacity. If a freezing toilet is used but an entire family, and it is the only toilet available, the emptying will become frequent, even daily. Therefore, we recommend freezing toilets mostly to be used as a secondary toilet at a times when it is somehow difficult or inconvenient to use the primary toilet, e.g. nighttime. Also, it should be mentioned that the biodegradable plastic bags used in emptying the toilet generally tend to take more than a year to fully compost. This is due to a contradiction where the plastic bag should simultaneously be strong enough to hold in the waste when emptying but then after break as fast as possible.


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