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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

This privacy policy describes how Meripalo Oy (hereinafter Pikkuvihreä) processes the personal data of its customers and the users of its online services and how one can influence the processing of personal data.

The processing of personal data follows applicable legislation.


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Pikkuvihreä collects and processes personal data only to the extent necessary for fulfilling the purposes of use described in this privacy policy.

The collected personal data and the scope of its processing varies depending on the relationship between Pikkuvihreä and the customer or user of online services, the permissions and denials concerning the processing of personal data and marketing and the cookie and tracking settings of the browser used.

Submitted personal data

Personal data submitted by the customer or user of online services to Pikkuvihreä at various times, such as during a product order or newsletter subscription or registration to an online service, may include the following:

  • basic data, such as name and contact information
  • ordering and billing data, such as information about the payer of the order, its recipient and their e-mail address and phone number
  • customer service data, such as customer feedback and communication with customer service
  • permit data, such as information about marketing permits or other permits and prohibitions related to the use of personal data
  • data about responses to studies, surveys or contests conducted by Pikkuvihreä
  • phone data, such as customer service calls

Data collected from online service use

Data collected from the use of online services may include:

  • collected data about the device or application used, such as browser version, device type or display size
  • data about online service use, such as information about pages loaded, time spent at online services, navigation in online services or advertising or marketing content viewed
  • data about web pages opened through customer communication
  • location data by country based on IP address
  • data collected by social plugins or other third parties.

A user of online services can be identified through a digital identifier created in the services when the customer signs in or arrives at the online service through targeted customer communication, such as a newsletter.

Data about the use of online services is collected using cookies. For more information, see the cookie policy.

Derived and combined data

In order to serve its customers and online service users better, Pikkuvihreä refines collected personal data by analyzing it using various statistical methods and by combining data collected from different sources.

Using the aforementioned methods, it is possible to make assumptions about things such as interests, gender, age group, purchasing behavior or other similar characteristics. These assumptions are based on the submitted or collected data mentioned in the previous paragraph. In order to ensure consumers’ privacy, Pikkuvihreä shall not make assumptions about information that is considered sensitive.

Pikkuvihreä secures the privacy of its customers or users of online services by exercising special care when carrying out the derivation and combination of data described above, so that the privacy of customers or users of online services is not compromised.


Pikkuvihreä collects personal data for the maintenance of customer relationships, development of products and services and commercial purposes.

Maintenance of customer relationships

Pikkuvihreä uses customers’ personal data for various activities necessary for maintaining a customer relationship, including:

  • delivering ordered products
  • maintenance of a customer relationship or customer communication
  • customer service or other customer support
  • billing
  • competitions or draws for prizes

To fulfil orders, Pikkuvihreä shares order-related data between the users and third-party sellers of the marketplace owned by Pikkuvihreä.

Processing of personal data for maintaining a customer relationship is based on an agreement between Pikkuvihreä and the customer about the delivery of a product or service, or another action that leads to the formation of a customer relationship.

The customer can influence the processing of personal data for maintaining a customer relationship by contacting customer service.

Development of products and services

Pikkuvihreä uses the data of customers or users of online services for the development of products or services and for improving the quality and selection of services. Actions for improving products or services may include product or content recommendations or personalization of services.

Products and services are also developed by utilizing surveys and feedback.

The more specific uses and storage of data collected in studies and surveys shall be described separately in the study or survey.

The processing of personal data for developing products and services is based on Pikkuvihreä’s legitimate interests in utilizing data for the benefit of its customers and users of its online services.

A user of online services can influence the use of data for developing products and services through cookie settings.

Commercial uses

Pikkuvihreä may use the data of customers or users of online services for marketing, advertising or other commercial activities. Data may be utilized in things like targeting advertising, direct marketing or displaying advertisements on third-party platforms.

For direct marketing, the processing of data for commercial purposes is based on the customer’s consent. For other advertising and products, the processing of personal data is based on Pikkuvihreä’s legitimate interests.

The customer can influence the targeting of advertising in the customer service. A user of online services can influence the targeting of advertising through cookie settings, or third-party advertising displays by adjusting the platforms’ own advertising settings.



Pikkuvihreä utilizes personal data for implementing the purposes described above in paragraph 3. In addition, Pikkuvihreä may use third-party services, in which case Pikkuvihreä shall ensure the lawful processing of data through contractual arrangements and instruct third parties on processing data.

Pikkuvihreä may share or hand over personal data to third parties in situations including the following:

When applicable legislation mandates handing over personal data. Handing over personal data may be necessary, for example, at the request of authorities or for carrying out a judicial process.

For a marketing action, survey or delivery of materials. Such service providers always work for Pikkuvihreä and under the supervision of Pikkuvihreä. Pikkuvihreä shall never sell or hand over personal data to third parties for marketing in a way that would allow third parties to use the personal data for independent marketing.

Pikkuvihreä may hand over personal data to third parties if it is necessary for guaranteeing the rights or safety of Pikkuvihreä and the customer or user, investigating fraud or responding to queries from authorities.

Transferring personal data outside the EU/EEA

As a rule, Pikkuvihreä shall not transfer or process data outside the European Union or European Economic Area. If data is exceptionally moved outside the EU/EEA, an adequate level of protection for personal data shall be ensured in accordance with applicable legislation.


Pikkuvihreä stores personal data as long as is necessary for implementing the purposes defined in paragraph 3. However, valid legislation, such as accounting laws or other exigent legislation, may require the storage of personal data even after the purpose of processing has expired. In such situations, storage times defined in applicable legislation shall apply.



Pikkuvihreä is committed to protecting the privacy of customers and users of online services and their rights defined in data protection legislation. Listed below are the customers’ most important rights and ways of influencing the processing of personal data:

  • The customer has a right to inspect their own personal data and to demand the correction of erroneous information.
  • The customer has a right to request the deletion of their personal data to the extent that other legislation allows it.
  • The customer has a right to transfer certain personal data about themselves to another keeper of a register.
  • The customer has a right to deny direct marketing or oppose the processing of their personal data for direct marketing purposes. In addition, the customer may influence the channels in which direct marketing takes place.
  • For requests related to the abovementioned rights, you may contact Pikkuvihreä customer service.



Pikkuvihreä takes appropriate information security measures to ensure the secure processing of personal data. Personal data is protected from loss, destruction, abuse, unauthorized access and transfer. Secure processing is ensured by means such as restricting access to the data and ensuring that our employees and sub-contractors are using personal data in accordance with instructions and agreements.


Pikkuvihreä reserves the right to update this privacy policy due to things such as the development of services or exigent legislation. Changes and updates to privacy policy shall be announced at the Pikkuvihreä web site.