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Pellet for dry toilet – Economy pack


New Economy Pack! Includes 4 x 4 kilogram dry toilet pellet bags.

Ecological, wood-based pellet to be used in a dry toilet. Absorbs efficiently odors and moisture. Can be composted together with the toilet waste.

  • clean to use indoors
  • plentiful
  • suitable for all dry toilets and chamber pots


Pellet dry material is especially handy to be used indoors, because it is more clean in use that eg. peat. When used in a chamber pot, the emptying can be done every 2-3 days, instead of not using dry material and emptying every day.

Add 1-2 dl of pellet after every use of the dry toilet.

All natural product without added chemicals. Ecological paper bag package.

Economy pack includes four bags of dry toilet pellet totally 16 kilograms.

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