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Vacuum toilet

A vacuum toilet is quite similar to any normal flush toilet. However, a it uses under pressure technology in flushing and as result, much less water is needed to move the waste in drainage.

Most people have seen the same technique used in trains, airplanes and ships – although in domestic use the vacuum is only used for few seconds during flushing.

The greatest advantage of vacuum toilets is that they minimize the water consumption needed for flushing. The waste is moved in the drainage by strong air suction and therefore water for flushing is needed few deciliters only. This feature is particularly advantageous in summerhouses and other areas without a connection to a centralized sewage system. Most commonly, the waste is being collected to a septic tank outside the house. The septic tank can be emptied for example once a year with special truck.

Where vacuum toilet fits the best?

A vacuum toilet is the best option if you are looking for a toilet alternative that is as close to a normal flush toilet as it can be without the need to join in a centralized sewage system. Whenever there is need to minimize the flushing water consumption, the vacuum toilet is a good option as they use so little water. The toilet brings savings when you do not need to use so much water for flushing and empty your septic tank that often. Also, the energy consumption is significantly lower than for example with the electric incinerating toilets.

Pikkuvihreä offers Roslagen and Wostman vacuum toilets

We offer vacuum toilets from two distinct Swedish manufacturers: Roslagen and Wostman. Both manufacturers offer high quality toilets that have been on the market for many years. Roslagen vacuum toilet packages include everything you need for perfect functioning vacuum toilet, except for the piping which is individual in every house. Roslagen packages include a suitable septic tank (Mökki: 900L or Huvila: 3000L).

In contrast, the Wostman toilet packagess only include the toilet seat, vacuum motor and the necessary electrical equipment. The septic tank needs to be purchased separately for Wostman toilets. Normally, the septic tank has to be strong enough to last the pressure of a vacuum toilet. However, with Wostman Extend, you may use any septic tank or any container of your choice for waste collection. For more information, see the product page or email us.

In which case the vacuum toilet may not recommended?

There are many ways how you can install a vacuum toilet and usually there is suitable way for everyone. However, they always require electricity to create the vacuum into the piping. In addition, the system requires flush water from a pressured piping. The septic tank for the toilet waste can be dug underground or left on-ground. Also, please check whether a vacuum truck can drive to the property to empty the septic tank when needed.

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