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Separett Villa urine separating toilet


Separett Villa 9000 is an urine diverting toilet which is excellent for family use in a summer cottage.

  • view screen of the waste container
  • in-built fan
  • 5 year guarantee
Does not require water

Bio freshener capsules for urinals and separating toilets

Freshener capsules keep your waterless urinal or urine separating toilet clean and fresh. The enzymes of the bio capsule prevent the pipes from clogging. Scented, the package include 5 capsules.

In stock: 2 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


Separett Villa 9000 separates urine and the solid waste in the seat. This reduces the risk for odor problems as well as makes the toilet service easier. Separett Villa has been on the market for a long time and during that time, many useful features has been added to the toilet:

  • view screen of the waste container
  • in-built fan
  • compact size

For installation Separett Villa requires outlets for ventilation pipe (75 mm) and urine hose (32 mm) as well as electricity (230 V).


Separett Villa can be installed directly on the floor. It needs outlets for the ventilation pipe as well as to the liquid hose. One always sits down when using Villa-toilet. When sitting down, the view shield that covers the solid waste container, opens up. The diverted urine can be used in the garden directly as fertilizer. The solid waste has to be composted for 6-12 months in the spare buckets or in a separate garden composter before use.

The fan of Separett Villa keeps the toilet and the space odorless. No dry material is used in the toilet.

Connect Villa 9000 to a Separett Ejektortank if you want to use the urine as an organic plant nutrient.


  • Capacity: Unlimited
  • Material: High quality plastics (polypropylene)
  • Voltage: Electrical cord 1,7 meters with earthed plug
  • Power modes: 2 levels
  • Energy consumption: 0,396 kWh/24/h (power mode 2) 0,276 kWh/24/h (power mode 1)
  • Total effect. 16.5W (power mode 2) 11W (power mode 1)
  • Noise level: 41dB (power mode 2) 31 dB (power mode 1)
  • Volume: solid waste container 23 liters
  • Maximum load: 150 kg
  • Size package: L:77 B:47 H:66 cm
  • Weight:  21 kg
  • guarantee 5 years, electrical fan 3 years

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