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Green Toilet Lux composting toilet for indoors

Green Toilet Lux is a complete dry toilet solution with a porcelain pedestal. Green Toilet LUX ideal for sites where there is space below the bathroom floor available. Green Toilet LUX is reliable in use, durable and easy to maintain – the choice of many satisfied users!

Does not require water

In stock: over 15 pcs

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Green Toilet LUX is a composting toilet for indoor use. It has an elegant porcelain pedestal, which is familiar and easy to use by anyone without instructions. Green Toilet LUX is an excellent choice to both holiday homes and to all-year use in permanent homes.


  • The service and storage of the waste is in a separate space below the bathroom or toilet
  • The porcelain pedestal looks and works like the traditional water closet, so there is no need for instructions for the users
  • Thanks to the waste pipe, there is no view to the compost or the feaces
  • the quality electrical fan ensures complete odorless operation
  • the capacity of this solution is good: eg. the 120 l Green Toilet can serve 2-4 persons in continuous use
  • With spare containers, the capacity is practically limitless
  • the service can be done in minutes without shoveling. the composting container can be moved with wheels.
  • Green Toilet LUX is durable: the only moving part is the duct fan which has 3 years guarantee. Other parts are made to last decades.
  • It is highly ecological and energy efficient choice. Electricity is only needed for the fan and the energy consumption is low (23W).
  • If there is no electricity available, the fan can be replaced with a wind fan.

A waterless toilet, when chosen and installed right, brings joy to the users every day. Green Toilet LUX saves water 100% , brings the same comfort as a water toilet and is really ecological!

Contact us if you need help to choosing the right combination or want to ask more.


All toilet waste together with toilet papers go down the waste shaft to the composting unit. Green Toilet container has a special double base which separates excess liquid from the compost. This feature enables the composting process to start already during the use of the toilet.

Green Toilet LUX is based on batch composting, which means the use of a spare container. When one container gets full, it is replaced by an empty container. The full container is closed with a lid and left to decompose gradually to ready, nutritious much (6-12 months depending on the conditions). Green Toilet containers are easy to move with wheels.


  • Green Toilet 120 Family composting toilet
  • Green Toilet 120 spare container
  • Porcelain pedestal (non separating)
  • AirRoxy duct fan (three speed levels)
  • Ventilation pipes 3 x 100 cm (+fixtures and a ventilation hat)
  • Waste shaft 100 cm, diam 20 cm (shorter or longer ones also available)
  • bag of dry material


During the use of the dry toilet, dry material like saw dust or peat is added after every use 1-2 dl. Alternatively, dry material can be added separately 1-2 times a week a larger amount, about 5-10 liters.

The porcelain pedestal can be washed with water, a toilet brush and biodegradable detergent.

When the Green Toilet container gets full, an empty full container is taken into use. In the attached video, the change of the container is showed. Please note that the service can be done in minutes and no shoveling is needed.


Larger Green Toilet 330 liter containers are the right choice when there is a need to get higher capacity or longer intervals between service. Also, urine separating porcelain pedestal enables urine collection and use as well as increases the toilet capacity.

For sites where there is no electricity available, the duct fan can be replaced with a wind fan.

A handy accessory to replace the canister collection of the seap liquid is GeoTrap Dry Toilet Filter.

Height Width Depth Min. height under the floor
Green Toilet 120 container 700 mm 600 mm 600 mm 800 mm
Green Toilet 330 container 920 mm 660 mm 820 mm 1000 mm
Ventilation piping  3 m + 50 cm flex.pipe Ø 110 mm
Liquid hose 150 cm Ø 32 mm


Soft-close lid

Green Toilet Lux is equipped with a stylish porcelain seat that has a soft-closing lid. Therefore, Lux fits even the most modern design bathrooms and toilets.

Easy to keep clean

You can safely keep the porcelain seat clean just as you would keep a normal flush toilet seat. Few extra liters of water in the Green Toilet container does not harm the compost nor cause any problems in toilet operation. Unless you have a bidet shower nearby, you may use a regular water bottle with toilet brush.

Urine-separating seat available

There is also a urine-separating porcelain seat available for the Green Toilet Lux. With this seat, you can separate urine already in the toilet seat, and hence collect pure urine without mixing it to the compost.

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