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Dry toilets in tourism sites

Toilets in nature and touristic sites

In recent times, lots of people have found their ways to nature trails, national parks, and hiking to escape the pandemic and hectic lifestyle in the cities. Oftentimes the most beautiful places are far away in the wilderness, like high mountains or distant islands. From the service perspective, these locations are in many cases hard to reach and lack any proper infrastructure, eg. sewage system. Therefore, entrepreneurs and maintenance staff usually find it challenging to offer and extend their services to these places – especially now – with the growing number of visitors. One of the crucial “sore” points often is the toilet: whether it is the total lack of them, bad hygiene and/or issues with odors.

A bad toilet sticks in memory for a long time and decreases the overall experience of the visit.

No need to struggle with toilet issues – there are solutions

Here at Pikkuvihreä, we have a long experience of public dry toilets located in off-grid locations. We have delivered dry toilets to national parks, mountains, marinas, summer cafees and archipelago with hundreds of daily visitors. Commonly, the solution relies on a composting toilet like the Green Toilet 330 with spare containers. However, high usage volume calls for more detailed planning than in the case of a family waterless toilet. Ventilation, service, seats etc. and other important details play a significant role in the dry toilet system and they should be planned carefully beforehand case by case. For example, in a busy boat harbor, one might want to pay extra attention to the management of seap liquid in order to avoid any pollution of water. Elsewhere, such as in a national park, it is important to have the kind of toilets that are easy to maintain on site because of long distances and the absence of maintenance personnel on-site.

A good toilet gives a competitive advantage

Even a good travel experience may easily be ruined by a toilet that leaves a stain in memory as an unpleasant experience – or even worse, if there was no toilet available at all. Therefore, public toilets should be offered and maintained regularly. In contrast, a pleasant, well-serviced toilet is definitely a source of competitive advantage and in fact – not very expensive one. Assuming you already have the place for the toilet, the toilet system itself costs about 1,000-1,500 Euros for two toilets, one for both sexes. The maintenance is inexpensive because there is no wastewater to deal with. All the waste can be composted on site, without the need to transport it anywhere. We also recommend planning the maintenance procedure to be as effortless as possible such that it can be done by anybody, anytime without any of special tools.

Moreover, the growing eco-tourism trend calls for offering services that are sustainable and in harmony with the surrounding nature. Why not to target this niche at the same time?

We have a strong confidence of being at our very best in our expertise when planning public dry toilets like the ones seen in this post. Therefore, we are more than happy to assist you in any plans you might have for your toilet, regardless of whether it is for ten, one hundred or even one thousand users. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us at:

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