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Blog Green Toilets in Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland
Green Toilets in Iceland

Green Toilets in Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland

Vatnajökull glacier, the largest ice cap in Iceland and the second largest in whole Europe, attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year (except during the pandemic). Known for its hot springs, volcanic activity and geysers, cold Iceland might be the last place where you would expect to find a composting toilet, right? Well, not exactly. Pikkuvihreä has delivered over 60 Green Toilets in to three different tourist locations in Iceland, latest 40 to Vatnajökull glacier.

How the Green Toilets got to the glacier?

News article Green Toilets in Iceland
There was a news article about 40 Green Toilets being delivered to Iceland.

The project started in 2019, when Icelanders contacted us to find a toilet solution for the tourists visiting the glacier. Right from the beginning, it was clear to us that we wanted to deliver dry toilets that operate completely off-grid – no need for water or electricity. In addition, the toilets had to fulfill high standards of comfort, because causing a disappointing toilet experience for any tourist would be totally unacceptable. On top of that, the maintenance of these toilet should be designed to be as convenient as possible for any operator to conduct. The ultimate chosen solution was our Green Toilet composting dry toilet used with a beautiful porcelain seat – also known as the Green Toilet Lux.

Designing and constructing the dry toilet complex during the pandemic

Designing Green Toilet in Iceland
The engineers and architects planning the construction of toilets. You may notice how there has been left space below the toilet for Green Toilet composting dry toilet containers.

The construction of the toilets began in mid-2020. In total, there are 13 toilet compartments that serve about 200-500 users daily. The toilets where designed and built such that there is room both below and behind the toilet buildings to accommodate and maintain the Green Toilet containers.

First visitors in Green Toilet Iceland
The first visitors seeing the new composting dry toilet complex in Vatnajökull, Iceland.

The Covid-19 pandemic forestall the construction and installation for almost a half a year, but in spring 2021 the dry toilet complex was ready to welcome first visitors!


Composting Green Toilets in Iceland


What’s it like inside the composting dry toilet compartment?

Inside the toilet, there is a clean-looking porcelain pedestal that in many ways resembles a normal flush-toilet, except that you can’t flush it. The nice thing about the toilet is that you really cannot see into the compost unit. All the toilet waste including the toilet paper is dropped into the composting Green Toilet unit, which separates liquid waste from solids.

There is also some dry material available in the toilet in case for example the porcelain seat is washed with some extra water. The lights inside the toilet are powered by batteries that are load with solar panels. The Green Toilet composting toilet units are ventilated with wind fans above the roof-level.


Interested in having your own dry toilet system?

Composting toilet in Iceland

Green Toilets in Iceland are a great example of how composting dry toilets can be used practically anywhere as an off-grid toilet solution without any compromise in comforts. Should you be interested in finding more information or designing your own Green Toilet, please contact us!

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Additional images of the Green Toilet complex in Vatnajökull Glacier.

Tourists using the Green Toilet in Iceland
Tourists using the Green Toilet in Iceland.

Dry toilet porcelain pedestal


Green Toilet site in Iceland

Inside the toilet in Iceland Green Toilet