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Blog Helsinki to build the most beautiful outhouses – Green Toilets on board!
Helsinki outhouses are the most beautiful

Helsinki to build the most beautiful outhouses – Green Toilets on board!

The capital of Finland, Helsinki paves the road: it is time to provide dry toilets to the citizens and do it in style by making the most beautiful outhouses there are! Helsinki will build design outhouses equipped with Green Toilets serving all people enjoying their spare time outdoors in Pornaistenniemi. The first Helsinki-Huussi (Helsinki-Outhouse) will soon see daylight and there is a lot more to come! At the very core of the Helsinki Outhouse is our composting dry toilet, the Green Toilet 330.

Waterless dry toilet for convenience of thousands

The most beautiful outhouses to Helsinki
Helsinki Outhouses are exclusive pieces of wooden architecture designed by NRT Architects

The first Helsinki Outhouse will be built to Pornaistenniemi which is a highly popular place among Helsinki’s citizens for running, fishing and other outdoor activities. In year 2020, more than 200 000 people visited the place. The absence of a public toilet and yet the cost of building one there has really been a stone in the shoe for Helsinki. Now, Helsinki has decided to take action and solve the situation by building a public outhouse and not just any kind of outhouse, but the most sympathetic outhouse for the free joy of citizens.

Scandinavian design with respect to traditional outhouse heritage

Stylish outhouses to Helsinki
The interior of outhouses will combine modern style with traditional outhouse elements like the bench seat

The outhouse will have two toilet rooms, a urinal section as well as a small room for maintenance supplies. The objective of the design process was to create an outhouse  brand that people would start to recognize as the “place of relief” and the looks would be ecological as well as nice. Here at Pikkuvihreä, we are very proud  that Helsinki chose our composting dry toilet – Green Toilet 330 – as the toilet system for the Helsinki Outhouses. The Green Toilet enables Helsinki to have totally waterless dry toilet system that is effortless and infrequent to maintain and will last more than a decade in use. The Helsinki Outhouse will be completely odorless and pleasant to use. Read more information about the Green Toilet.

Plenty more beautiful Helsinki Outhouses to come!

In total, Helsinki has 63 other sites where similar outhouses are planned at the moment. At the first, Helsinki Outhouse rises to Pornaistenniemi and more Helsinki Outhouses with Green Toilet are planned. We have to thank NRT Architects for the nice, eco-green design of the Outhouses and especially “the mother of the project” Elina Nummi from city of Helsinki who has been pushing the outhouse project forward. We hope to see more similar design outhouses to rise in near future. Who knows what’s next? Paris? Barcelona? Berlin? ?


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