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Green Toilets on the map: Spain

“Do they have compost toilets in Spain like the Green Toilet?” YES – they do! Since 2019, we have been actively collaborating with Laura Halminen and her Spanish company Saneseco to bring the composting Green Toilets to Spain. Today, we have set up more than a dozen of Green Toilets in Spain and there are plenty more to come!

About Saneseco and Laura Halminen

Saneseco compost toilet
Laura Halminen, the CEO of Saneseco in Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona)

Saneseco is a Spanish company specializing in dry sanitation and related services. They are located just outside Barcelona in Sant Esteve Sesrovires. The mission of Saneseco is to contribute to the development of a more sustainable society by promoting ecological, high-quality sanitation solutions. The founder of the company, Laura Halminen, is originally from Finland but has lived in Spain since 2005. She holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental and Energy Technology from Finland. In addition, Laura is a member of professional associations for environmental scientists called Col•legi d’Ambientòlegs de Catalunya and Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland. In other words, she knows her stuff. On top of that, Laura is a really nice person and easy to get in touch with.

Our collaboration with Saneseco and Laura started back in 2019 when Laura took the initiative and contacted us to discuss about Green Toilet and generally about compost toilets in Spain. Despite the perfect, warm climate and beautiful remote areas, we concluded that there are surprisingly few compost toilets available in Spain. Without further ado, we started actively looking into possibilities where we could test our composting dry toilet – Green Toilet – in the area and how to organize the business. Soon Laura found a perfect location and a customer for the first Green Toilet in Spain. Since then, Saneseco has become our exclusive dealer of Green Toilets in Spain – working to expand the coverage of Green Toilets in the country. Let us share some of Saneseco’s recent compost toilet customer cases from this year in Spain.

Green Toilet for a community garden in Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona)

spaincompost toilet outhouse
Composting toilet outhouse in Montcada i Reixac

Montcada i Reixac is a city with a municipal community garden where people can go and enjoy the beautiful nature in lovely surroundings. Different activities are organized there for school children as well as for people with disabilities and other health issues. The public garden is thus an important place for the local community to get together and connect with the environment. In collaboration with Saneseco, the city authorities decided to put up a good-looking, odorless public outhouse for the “relief” of the garden users. The compost toilet in Montcada i Reixac was built in January 2021. See a video of the compost toilet construction! The outhouse toilet is operated by Green Toilet 120 Family composting dry toilet manufactured by Pikkuvihreä.

Green Toilet spain
Green Toilet 120 Family is installed behind the outhouse underneath the wooden toilet seat

The idea behind the compost toilet is that, whenever the Green Toilet container fills up, it can easily be replaced with an empty spare container in a matter of seconds. The ready compost mass can be reutilized in the area as fertilizer for plants and trees, hence closing the loop for ecological sanitation.

inside composting toilet
Inside the compost toilet there is a wooden bench and a white seat for use

The interior of the compost outhouse in Montcada i Reixac in very clean and pleasant. There are absolutely no odors whatsoever. Some dry material is available for the users in the black bucket to cover the tracks after use. Hands are washed with disinfectant. The seat is a traditional wooden bench found in many outhouses. Since day one, the compost toilet has been in busy use and loved by the garden users!

Odorless dry toilet for an outdoor restaurant? – Yes, please!

In the city of Tarragona, there is a Slow Food restaurant named El Llagut whose owners got an idea of setting up an outdoor pop-up restaurant couple of months ago in a neighboring village called Riudoms. The entrepreneurs found a perfect place for their outdoor restaurant just beside local olive and wine fields. However, there was an issue of a toilet since there was nowhere near any available. To solve the problem, the entrepreneurs decided to build an odorless composting toilet next to the catering area.

dry toilet outhouse spain
There is a beautiful composting toilet in Riudoms working with Green Toilets

The project got kick started in February 2021 and was finished in a matter of days. The outcome of the outhouse project was a very elegant, odorless composting toilet with beautiful colors seen in sunshine. Thanks to the warm climate in Spain, the composting process of the waste inside dark colored Green Toilets is super-fast and takes only about 6-8 months to fully compost for fertilizer use. All the compost toilet waste is composted on the restaurant site, so the toilet is truly an off-grid solution.

compost outhouse barcelona
Beside the outhouse, there is a kitchen waste composter and a straw bale urinal

For the food waste, Saneseco installed a separate compost tumbler that can be turned around its axel to mix the compost waste and hence speed up the composting process. In addition, there is a straw bale urinal for men.

green toilet barcelona spain
Green Toilet 120 Family and a spare container for the compost toilet in Riudoms

As in Montcada i Reixac, the compost toilet in Riudoms is equipped with a Green Toilet 120 Family and a spare container. Once the container in use fills up (in about 6 months), it can be replaced with the empty spare container and set aside for further composting. The compost toilet is ventilated through black ventilation pipes while replacement air is getting in from tiny brown holes on the sides of the Green Toilet container. Watch a video how Green Toilet works. There is also a video of Green Toilet in Spanish made by Laura.

Interested in having your own Green Toilet in Spain?

Saneseco is our dealer for Green Toilet products in Spain. Thus, we recommend contacting Laura and her colleagues, if you wish to know more about compost toilets in Spain or you are looking to buy one of your own. Saneseco’s contact details.

Call Saneseco: +34644729950

Email: [email protected]

Laura Saneseco contact green toilet

Laura and fellows are more than happy to assist!

Alternatively, you can also contact us if you like ?. Please find our contact details here or leave us a message via chat!

That’s me, Eemeli Palo

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