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Pikkuvihreä 506 dry toilet


Pikkuvihreä 506 is a handy waterless toilet for many use cases. It can be installed both to an outhouse and indoors. Due to the double container system and the automatic liquid valve, the service is effortless.

  • emptying without tools in minutes
  • small size: fits into many tight spaces

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Pikkuvihreä 506 dry toilet is suitable to be installed to many small spaces: to a guest house, a sauna cottage, under the stairs etc. It can be place directly on the floor. It does not need any water or electricity to operate.

Outlets for ventilation pipe and the liquid hose are needed for installation. The pre-composted waste is emptied by taking the inner container out. There is no need to touch the ventilation pipe or the liquid hose while emptying.


In Pikkuvihreä 506 dry toilet, all toilet waste, including toilet paper goes to the same waste container. Inside the composting container, there is a valve which lets the excess liquid out through the liquid hose. This is necessary for the composting process and to prevent odor problems.

During the use, dry material such as pear or saw dust is added to the toilet. It can be done by turning the handle on the top of the toilet or more traditionally by ladle directly onto the waste.


  • outer measurements: depth 706 x width 390 mm x height 590 mm
  • seating height 42 mm
  • volume of the waste container 44 liters
  • volume of the dry material tank 12 liters
  • ventilation pipe diameter 75 mm


  • toilet waste containers: inner and outer
  • upper white part + seat with a lid
  • ventilation pipes 4 pcs (500 mm; Ø 75 mm)
  • ventilation pipe fixtures 3 pcs (90 mm; Ø 76 mm)
  • liquid hose (200 cm ; Ø 32 mm)
  • hose fixture
  • ladle for dry material
  • instruction manual


The emptying system of Pikkuvihreä 506 is especially carefree: when the waste container gets full, the top seating part is lifted away and the inner container is taken out. No special tools are needed, both ventilation and urine pipes can stay connected. Pikkuvihreä 506 has an valve which closes automatically during emptying, which prevents any leakages during the service.

The pre-composted toilet waste can be taken out to eg. a garden composter to fully degrade into ready mulch.

Before the inner container is put back into the toilet, the bottom is covered with 5-10 cm of dry material. This will help the composting to get started again.


Pikkuvihreä 506 is suitable for a small household 1-3 persons seasonal use. It can also supplement the outhouse as the second toilet indoors.


If there is more use for the toilet or longer service intervals are important, Green Toilet Lux or Separett Villa 9000 for example have bigger capacity.

When the dry toilet is installed indoors, we strongly recommend it to be equipped with an Electrical duct fan or if there is no electricity, with a Wind fan.

For the excess liquid, a canister is needed or alternatively, the liquid can be treated with the GeoTrap Dry Toilet Filter.

To speed up the composting, ProBio Tech Compost Booster can be used.

Double containers

Dry toilet 506 has two beige containers: inner and outer container. The inner container is simply lifted out during emptying and carried e.g. to Green Toilet Waste Composter. This way the maintenance process is easy and convenient. No tools needed.

Urine separation

There is a back wall inside the inner container that separates liquid toilet waste from solids. From there, the liquid waste is lead through a hose e.g. to a canister or a special dry toilet filter.

No need to detach vent pipes

The white top part of the toilet has been designed such that you do not need to detach the ventilation pipes when emptying the toilet. Thus, no tools are needed for maintenance. Simply lift the white top part aside and the the inner container to toilet waste compost.

Self-closing valve

At the back of the toilet, there is a valve that closes by itself when the inner container is lifted out for emptying. Hence, no liquid will spill out from the toilet when carried to emptying site.

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