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GeoTrap Dry Toilet Filter


GeoTrap Dry Toilet Filter purifies the seap liquid of a composting toilet with GeoTrap Nutrient Trap mineral. GeoTrap Dry toilet filter makes the use of a composting toilets easier as there is no longer need to collect and treat the seap liquid separately.

  • natural way to restore nutrients
  • replaces canisters
  • easy to install and use

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Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


GeoTrap Dry toilet filter is designed to purify the seap liquid of composting toilets. The purification of GeoTrap Dry toilet filter is based on GeoTrap Nutrient Trap mineral which absorbs nutrients (eg. phosphorous and nitrogen) from the seap liquid. The purified liquid can be led to ground. GeoTrap Dry toilet filter is an excellent accessory to all composting toilets. 

Please note, that GeoTrap Dry toilet filter is not suitable for urine diverting toilets. Also, when using the GeoTrap Filter, the outflow hose should not be lead straight to water (or any well, bond, ditch etc.) but to ground, preferably to large trees or plants.


  •  filter container with a lid, height 45 cm, Ø 40 cm
  • outflow hose, Ø 32 mm, length 1,5 m
  • GeoTrap filtering mass, 5 kg bag


In seasonal private holiday home use, the filter mass should be replaced once a year. In public use, the filter material must be replaced 1-3 times a year depending on the use of the toilet.

The used filter mass can be composted or it can be used directly as fertilizer to ornamental plants.

Purify leachate with Dry Toilet Filter

GeoTrap Dry Toilet Filter is used to purify the leachate coming out of a composting dry toilet. The purification is based on special GeoTrap mineral which has been developed in Åbo Akademi, Finland.

Place the filter to the backside of the toilet

The most natural place for the dry toilet filter is at the back of the toilet. You may dig the filter partially into ground or leave it on ground totally. Just make sure it easy to service one a year when the minerals need to be changed.

GeoTrap mineral absorbs nutrients

The purification mechanism is based on GeoTrap mineral that absorbs nutrients in to itself hence preserving them from polluting e.g ground water. Used mineral can easily be reutilized in a compost.

Leachate outflow

We recommend leading the purified liquid for example to roots of a large tree or bushes, because plants can detach the nutrients from the mineral with enzymes and hence reuse the nutrients.

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