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BioBox M grey water filter


BioBox M is used for purifying grey waste water from the kitchen and shower. The unit cleans up to 400 liters / day. The BioBox M removes organic matter and nutrients in a biological purification process which is based on the filtering elements inside the filter.

  • filtering elements washable
  • low height, easy to install
  • low operating costs
Does not require electricity

In stock: 3 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


BioBox M is a suitable grey water purifier to seasonal use in a holiday home. All the grey waste water from the kitchen, shower and sauna can be led to the same purifier.

BioBox M can be installed both on and into the ground.


BioBox cleaning is based on biological microbiological activity that takes place in the filter elements. The elements are of three different densities (290, 350, 450 m2 / m3). The microbes in the elements remove organic matter and nutrients biologically. The process is the same as used in traditional soil filtration and absorption fields, but in a small space.

The purified water can be led to the ground.

If BioBox is used during winter, it should be insulated or/and equipped with a self-adjusting frost protection cable.


  • height 50 cm
  • width 60 cm
  • depth 60 cm
  • piping Ø 75 mm
  • difference between in and outlet 10 cm


Filter elements are removed from the container and cleaned when necessary (at least once a year) by brushing or rinsing. The waste can be placed in a composter or disposed along with the household waste.

The filtering elements are long lasting, up to 10 years, but they can be replaced with new ones when necessary.


If the use is year-round or there is a dish washer in use, a purifier with more capacity should be chosen: BioBox XL or GeoTrap Filter Unit.


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