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Matala 20 Biofilter

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Matala 20 Biofilter is a biological grey water filter for summer cottages and holiday homes. Matala 20 represents an upgraded version of the smaller Matala 10 filter with higher 750 liters/day  purification capacity. Matala 20 Biofilter operates with special in-built filtering elements.

  • Capacity max. 750 liters/day
  • Cleanable filtering elements
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Matala 20 Biofilter is a biological grey water filter for purification of shower and kitchen wastewaters. The Biolfilter is an upgraded version of Matala 10 purifier with higher purification capacity. Thus, the Matala 20 Biofilter is better suitable for larger families and well-equipped summer houses and holiday homes.


The Biofilter is best suitable for summer houses, holiday homes and other off-grid living sites. The Biofilter can be used all year-around, but in freezing conditions the filter must be specially equipped with insulation material and a frost-protection cable.

In case there is no usage during the winter, in freezing conditions, there is no need for the special equipment. The structure and filtering elements will not break because of freezing. However, please note that the filtering elements must have melt in the spring before the Biolfilter can again be used.

Operating principle

The operation of Matala 20 Biofilter is the same with Matala 10. Both are based on biological purification, where the waste water slowly flows through the filter elements. Useful bacteria will start to grow in the filtering elements (biofilm) and purify the nutrients of the waste water.



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Technical details

  • Capacity: 750 liters / day
  • Height: 660 mm
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Length: 800 mm
  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Volume: noin 175 liters

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