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GeoTrap Grease Separating Well


GeoTrap grey water separating well can be connected to the GeoTrap grey water purifier to increase the capacity of the purifying system. This is necessary if waste water from kitchen and especially from the dishwasher is led to the purifier. With the grease separating well the GeoTrap purifier has a capacity of 600 l / day.

Does not require electricity

In stock: 10 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


GeoTrap Grease Separating well together with GeoTrap grey water filter can handle all grey water in well equipped holiday homes and permanent homes.

This GeoTrap grease well is an accessory to GeoTrap filter. It is used to increase the filtering capacity of the system. Thus all the wastewater from bathroom, sauna and kitchen can be led to the same purification system.

GeoTrap Grease Well can be installed on ground or dug into ground so that only the lid is visible.


The grease well is installed to the drain line before the actual filter. All grease and other solid material, especially from the kitchen, will stay in the first well and will not continue to the filter unit.

With the grease well, a package of garden gauze is delivered. It can be used inside the well to ease the cleaning and service.

The grease well is advised to be cleaned more often than the filter unit, eg. twice during the summer season. All the grease, other organic material together with the gauze can be put into a composter.

If the grease well is used during winter, it can be equipped with a self adjusting frost protection cable.


  • diameter 70 cm, + 2 cm bottom collar
  • height 60 cm
  • weight 34 kg


  • the grease well with a lid
  • gaskets and joints ( 2 pcs each)
  • a garden gauze package
  • a manual


GeoTrap Purifier Package includes both the grease separating well and the GeoTrap-purifier in one handy package.

By special order, the grease well can be produced higher: 70-120 cm.

In winter use, the well is good to equip with a self adjusting protection cable.


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