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Matala 10 Grey Water Filter


Matala 10 grey water filter is really efficient, small in size as well easy to maintain. Capacity 400 l / day.

Does not require electricity

In stock: 10 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)



Matala 10 is the smallest in size of the grey water filters we are offering. Despite the small size, Matala 10 has a good capacity for grey water purification. It can filter up to 400 liters of waste water in a day, which usually is an adequate capacity for small holiday homes and sauna cottages.

It is possible to lead waste water from the kitchen as well to Matala 10, if there is no dishwasher in use. If waste water from both kitchen and bathroom or sauna should be led to the same filtration system, we recommend GeoTrap or BioBox instead to reach suitable purification level.

Small size is handy

Compared with other grey water filters, Matala 10 is really compact and can be installed to small spaces. However, there is a large amount of filter elements inside the filter body, almost 16 m².

The measurements of Matala 10 are:

  • height 51 cm
  • width 37 cm
  • depth 59 cm

The incoming water inlet is only 40 cm from ground, which enables the filter body be placed totally or partially on ground. No heavy digging needed!

Operating principle

The operation of Matala 10 is based on biological purification, where the waste water slowly flows through the filter elements. Useful bacteria will start to grow in the filtering elements (biofilm) and purify the nutrients of the waste water.


Matal 10 can be dug partially into the ground or left totally on ground. Normal fall from the house to the filter works well. If there is a need to lead the waste water uphill or further away from eg. seashore, there is a Matala filter with in-built pump available. Ask more from us!


Matala 10 filterelements should be serviced at least once a year. The elements are taken out of the filter body and shaken on the compost so that the slam drops off from the filter. Then the elements can be put back in place.

The elements can be changed to new ones if necessary. One can expect the elements to last for about 10 years, but then it may be need to replace them with a new set if they are torn.

There are no other costs of use.

Long user experience in Sweden

Matala 10 has been on the Swedish market for over 15 years and there are thousands of Matala filters in use. The most positive feedback is that there is no cost to use Matala and one can service it independently whenever needed.

Positive comments are also given of the small size and the fact that Matala does not require electricity to function.

Technical information

Max capacity 400 l / day
Height 510 mm
Width 370 mm
Depth 590 mm
Weight 8 kg
Volume abt 75 l
Inlet height abt 390 mm
Outlet height abt 100 mm

Test results

Matala 10 has been tested extensively in Sweden and it has passed the requirements for grey water filtration.  The test results are included in the attachments.

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