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GeoTrap grey water purifier

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GeoTrap grey water purifier utilizes a natural silicate mineral mass, GeoTrap in capturing nutrients (eg. phosphorus, ammonium) from the waste water. GeoTrap has proven to have excellent results in purifying waste water from bathroom, sauna and kitchen.

  • durable, simple structure
  • easy installation and service
  • excellent ability to absorb nutrients
Does not require electricity

Choose accessories as needed:

Frost protection cable (10 meters)

Prevents frost damage and enables winter usage of a composter or a grey water filters.

Guarantee 10 years.

Extra filtering masses

GeoTrap mass for grey water filtering. The package consist of two bags of filtering material. Weight total 14 kg.

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In stock: 14 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


There are nutrients, grease and other organic material in the waste water coming out of shower, sauna and kitchen. That waste water should be purified before letting it out to the nature. GeoTrap grey water purifier takes care of this filtering efficiently and naturally.

The purifying process in GeoTrap is simple: waste water goes through the GeoTrap filtering mass inside the purifier and the nutrients are caught into the mass. It is a tested product which applies with the standards for grey water purification.

  • simple, compact process
  • low installation and operation costs
  • no digging necessary: can be installed on the ground
  • low energy costs
  • the process is less dependent on temperature than biological purifiers
  • no need for pH-regulation
  • purifying results proven in various tests
  • after use GeoTrap mass can be composted


  • GeoTrap grey water purifier, lid, gaskets (2 pcs), joints (2 pcs)
  • GeoTrap purifier mass A+B, 2 bags (for one year use)
  • ladle for emptying
  • manual for installation and use


  • diameter 70 cm
  • height 50 cm
  • bottom collar width 2 cm
  • Weight without masses 25 kg, with the mass A+B 39 kg.


All waste water purifiers need regular maintenance to work as planned. Usually, GeoTrap Filter Unit should be serviced once a year. Empty the used GeoTrap mass by using the ladle and take the mass to garden compost. Pour new masses into the filter and the use can continue.


Typically, GeoTrap Filter Unit is used in holiday homes that are used seasonally and the amount of waste water is relatively small.

Please note, that the requirements for the waste water treatment vary – contact your local authorities to find about the standards that apply to your home.


  • If there is more waste water produced, or there are appliances like a dish washer in use, the GeoTrap Filter Unit should be installed. It has a grease separating well in front of the GeoTrap purifier and it adds to the purifying capacity, up to 600 liters/day.
  • For sites where there is more waste water to purify, eg. in all-year use in permanent homes,  the filter bodies can be produced higher, eg. 80-120 cm to add capacity – contact us!
  • The filters can also be ordered without pre-bored holes. That usually helps installation to existing drain pipe lines – contact us!
  • Extension for Geo Trap is needed when the filters are dug into the ground lower than the height of the filters, eg. to meet the existing drain pipes.
  • GeoTrap pump well, when there is a need to lead the waste water further away from eg. coastline.
  • self-adjusting frost protection cable to be used in winter in to prevent the filter from freezing. Please note that freezing of the filter body and the contents in itself is not a problem. However, GeoTrap filtering mass will not work well enough in below zero temperatures. Thus, in winter use, insulation and cable are needed to keep the temperature above zero.
Talon alle asennettu GeoTrap
GeoTrap can be installed under the building if there is space enough below.

Talon alle asennettu GeoTrap

Can GeoTrap grey water purifier be used during winter?

If there is use for the grey water purifier also during winter, it is advised to insulate the filter body and/or equip the filter with a self-adjusting frost protection cable.

Freezing is not a problem, both the filter body and the masses can freeze without damage and usage can continue when there is warm again.

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