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Gold Potty


Gold Potty is a combined water jug and a potty. A fun way to get valuable, ecological fertilizer to your garden: pee on the Gold Potty, add water and water and fertilize your garden!

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In stock: over 15 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


Human urine is very nutritious and the nutrients in it are in the form that plants can easily use them in growth. In order to efficiently use the urine, it should be diluted with water and used as soon as possible. During storage of the urine, some of the nutriens will evaporate. To recycle the nutrients easily – a gold potty is a fun and easy product. You can also lead the urine hose of a urine diverting toilet or a urinal to Gold Potty.


  • designed and manufactured in Sweden
  • nice gift package
  • weight 1 kg, with package 1,4 kg
  • seating height 26 cm (good idea to use on a higher level, like on a step )
  • length 60 cm (without the handle)
  • volume about 10 l
  • can carry up to 150 kg
  • handle can be taken off
  • also a lid included


  • Place the potty on a sturdy, flat place in your garden
  • Sit on it and pee
  • Add water with ratio abt. 1:10
  • Water the garden with this excellent fertilizer
  • Congratule yourself for the eco-friendly act and tell others about this possibility

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