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GeoTrap with Filter Bag


GeoTrap nutrient trap mass is available also in a handy filtering bag. GeoTrap is an efficient natural mineral for purifying waste water. With the filtering bag, it can be used in many waste water filters.

  • excellent ability to absorb nutrients
  • emptying with the bag is easy
  • reusable bag

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In stock: over 15 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


GeoTrap is a filtering mass that has been specially developed to treat grey water. The purifying power of GeoTrap is based on  a natural silicate, which captures nutrients (ammonium and phosphorus) effectively from the waste water.

With the reusable filter bag GeoTrap can be used in various filters. The bag also makes the service easy.


Place the filter bag to the filter so that the waste water will go through the mass. Pour the the whole GeoTrap mass into the bag. This amount of GeoTrap is enough for example purifying the water from a sauna during the summer season.

After use, the bag with the mass is lifted out of the filter and carried to a compost or to garden.

GeoTrap nutrient trap mass can be used in all grey water purifiers. The filter bag is reusable.


  • GeoTrap nutrient trap mass 5 kg
  • resuable filter bag: height 70 cm, Ø 50 cm, tightness 250 my

Please note, that in GeoTrap Grey Water Filter the filter bag is not necessary.


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