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Euromakki dry toilet


Euromakki toilet is a simple dry toilet system for the use of a small household (1-2 persons). Does not need electricity or water for use.

Does not require water Does not require electricity

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Euromakki is a long-lived, simple dry toilet to the traditional outhouse. It is especially good in summer use for a small household or to be used side by side with another dry toilet.


The large cylinder is installed below a traditional wooden outhouse bench. All the waste: liquid, solid and toilet papers go into the same container. After every use, some dry material (peat, saw dust etc.) is added to the compost. The urine will run down to the basin below, which is filled with dry material (eg. peat). The liquid waste will be absorbed to the dry material and gradually evaporate with the help of sunlight and wind.

When  installing Euromakki, it is a good idea to make a small roof for the basin to avoid rain fall. Also, it would be useful to have the back of the outhouse towards south to get maximum sunlight – if possible.


  • height of the cylinder 100 cm (can be cut shorter if necessary, but minimum height is 80 cm)
  • diameter of the cylinder 50 cm
  • basin: depth 115 cm, width 50/72 cm


  • cylinder for the solid waste
  • basin below the cylinder


The compost cylinder is emptied by shoveling when necessary. There is a hatch behind the cylinder, which is lifted up and the oldest part of the compost can be taken out. If the compost is fully degraded, it can be used directly in the garden. If the compost is not ready, it can be put to a garden compost.

The peat in the basin should be replaced at least once a year. The used peat should be composted. Suitable dry materials for the basin are eg. kekkilä Hajusieppo and Natural Peat.


Euromakki is especially good for seasonal summer use for small households or when there are other dry toilets in use simultaneously.


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