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Kiteen dry material for composting


Kiteen bulking material is an ecological choice for dry toilets and composters. One bag contains reed-based dry material 40 liters and it weighs about 4 kilos.

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Kiteen bulking material for dry toilets and composters is made out of reed. It is highly ecological as it does not contain any peat and the reed is collected from eutrophicated lakes.

One liter of Kiteen dry material can absorb about 500 ml of liquid. Kiteen dry material has a good ability to absorb odors. Also, Kiteen structure is fluffy, which improves composting.


In dry toilets, after every use, some 1-2 dl of Kiteen dry material is added to the compost. The toilet type has an effect on the necessary quantity: if the toilet effectively separates liquid out of the compost, less dry material is needed. On the other hand, in chamber pots without separation, more dry material is necessary to block bad odor.

In composters, the amount of the dry material needed depends on the moisture of the bio waste. Many times the kitchen waste is quite wet. In order to get the composting process going, 2-4 dl of bulking material has to be added every time when waste is put into the compost.

Alternatively, it is possible to add Kiteen material to bottom of the bio waste bucket in the kitchen and some to the middle as well. Then the waste is ready to be poured into the compost without extra dry material.

The compost moisture level should be around 60%. One should also take care that the compost does not get too dry, because drought will stop the process.

If the compost stinks, it is almost every time due to excess moisture. Add some Kiteen dry material and the problem is quickly solved.

Store the Kiteen dry material bags in dry, cool place.

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