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GeoTrap – Nutrient Trap to dry toilet


GeoTrap Nutrient Trap is special mineral sand that precludes nitrogen and phosphorus from getting to environment and thus prevent pollution of ground water and other water areas. Only few spoonfuls of GeoTrap after every use of the dry toilet is enough.

  • natural way to recycle nutrients
  • prevents odor problems
  • improves the structure of the compost

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GeoTrap is a natural silicate mineral intended for use in dry toilets to prevent odor problems and capture valuable nutrients. The unique feature of GeoTrap is the ability to retain nutrients effectively in itself, thus preventing water and groundwater contamination and eutrophication.


  • Binds and retains the valuable nutrients for plant growth (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium)
  • Prevents absorption of harmful elements to water body, even in the case of heavy rain or watering
  • Removes odors
  • Prevents eutrophication of waterbodies
  • Accelerates composting process
  • Maximizes fertilizer efficiency when used as a fertilizer additive
  • Saves money (no need to buy chemical fertilizers, outhouse fills up slower and requires less frequent emptying)
  • Can be used in combination with other bulking materials, such as peat and bark (smaller amounts are needed)
  • Suitable for all year-round use

GeoTrap Nutrient Trap is designed in University of Åbo Akademi to prevent nitrogen and phosphorus from getting into environment uncontrolled. Seap liquid from dry toilets may harm water areas and contaminate ground waters. GeoTrap Nutrient Trap also decreases unpleasant odor in dry toilets and accelerates composting process. All you need to do is add couple spoons of GeoTrap each time the toilet is used to act environmentally consciously. GeoTrap Nutrient Trap loaded with nutrients is excellent and natural way to recycle nutrients needed by plants and trees back to our beloved ecosystem.

– Olav Eklund, professor of geology and mineralogy, Åbo Akademi

GeoTrap Nutrient Trap can also be used in GeoTrap Dry toilet filter or in GeoTrap Grey Water Purifier.

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