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EcoVac Extend Vacuum Toilet

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Wostman EcoVac vacuum toilet is the smart choice that enables use of water toilet where it is otherwise impossible. EcoVac uses only 0,6 l of water for flushing. EcoVac Extend model can be used with all kinds of septic tanks.

  • Saves more than 90% water
  • Makes it possible to have a real water toilet everywhere
  • Can be connected to any kind of tanks
  • Consumes only 0,6 l per flush

In stock: 2 pcs

Delivery estimate: 2-5 days (in Finland)


EcoVac toilet’s technology is based on a unique ”soft vacuum” to flush the toilet. The operating principle is a mix of a normal WC and an airplane toilet. The small engine that creates vacuum to sewage piping is activated just for few seconds to flush and remove the waste all the way to the septic tank. As a result, there is no water inside the piping. All water needed is stored inside the toilet water bowl.

There are two Wostman EcoVac models available: Base and Extend. EcoVac Extend is a flexible system, because it can be used with all septic tanks and waste containers.

Saves over than 80 % of flushing water

  • Since water is replaced by air in the pipes, EcoVac toilet saves enormous amounts of water.
  • Very low-flush with just 0.6 liter! Compared to normal water toilets, you can save 80-90 % of the water used for flushing.

Empty the septic tank once a year and save

The approximate capacity of EcoVac toilet is about 3000 toilet visits if used with a 3000 liter septic tank. One toilet visit fills the tank about 1 liter in total (count with 0.6 liter of flushing water + 0.4 liter urine and waste).

EcoVac Extend fits all septic and collection tanks

Thanks to a special vacuum unit, EcoVac Extend can be installed with almost any type of septic tank or bio units. Contact our customer service for more information.


The engine that creates the vacuum in piping is only used for a few seconds during the flushing. After using the toilet, one pushes the button of the control unit, which starts the vacuum pump. The toilet waste is carried with small amount of water to the tank. The vacuum is between the vacuum unit on the tank and the toilet seat. Thus, any kind of septic tank can be used, as there is no under pressure in the tank. The waste just drops into the tank.

Wostman EcoVac is tailored to hold even the highest operational demands. There are no unnecessary valves, cutting pumps or electric components that might easily break over the years in use.

Because the sewage pipes are totally empty, the risk of freezing is minimal. 


  • porcelain vacuum toilet pedestal
  • operating unit
  • vacuum pump
  • vacuum unit to the top of the tank

The 50 mm drain pipe should be acquired separately according to the need.


  • at homes which are not connected to the sewage system and want to you water toilet and minimize the waste water and the operating costs
  • at holiday homes where there is for some reason not possible to use dry toilet
  • to houses, which have no room under the floor or there are toilets in various floors
  • instead of the incinerating toilet to get more ecological and energy saving system


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