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EcoFlush Ultra low flushing toilet


Sometimes a dry toilet is not an option, but a water toilet can also be more ecological. EcoFlush is an ultra-low-flushing toilet that can save up to 80 % of water compared to a normal water toilet. EcoFlush has been designed to minimize use of water for flushing and concentrate the use only when it is needed.

  • can replace any normal water toilet
  • can be used as urine separating or non-separating
  • saves flushing water significantly
  • saves the need for emptying of the septic tank

Choose accessories

Eco Flush adapter

Adapter for Wostman Eco Flush toilet for joining urine outlet to the same outlet with the solid waste. With connector all waste goes to the same drain or tank.


Closed tank 2100 liters on ground

2100-liter closed tank for black toilet wastewaters. This tank model can only be installed on ground. Underground installations are forbidden.

This closed tank model has been shaped to last low temperatures. There are no metal pieces that could breakdown. Thus, the tank does not necessarily be emptied for winter.

The closed tank suits well for vacuum and low-flush toilets.

In stock: 3 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


Wostman ultra-low-flushing toilet EcoFlush can be installed and used just like a normal water toilet. EcoFlush decreases the consumption of flushing water radically. EcoFlush is the ideal for septic tank collection as well as for ecologically conscious households. From economical perspective, EcoFlush is a smart choice, because it cuts down the water consumption by 70 – 80 %. Thus, for example septic tanks require less frequent emptying. This brilliant innovation is based on unique design in the toilet seat that separates urine from faeces. The product has already been used for many years in Sweden and hence has established its market position alongside normal water toilets.


To put it simply, when EcoFlush toilet is just used for urinating, the toilet can be flushed with a minimal 0.3 dl flush that is enough to keep the toilet clean. Accordingly, when the toilet is used to excrete, the larger 2.5 liter flush is used. For the sake of comparison, normal water toilets usually consume 2-4 liters of water per flush. Since most of toilet visits are for urinating, it is wise not to always flush with same amount of water.


EcoFlush can be installed in two ways: with urine separation or not. In separating installation, urine and black water are led to separate septic tanks. Alternatively, both urine and black water can be led to traditional sewage system or one unifying septic tank. In the non-separation installation, a special adapter is needed.


  • Seat height: 450 mm
  • Max height: 820 mm
  • Width: 350 mm
  • Depth: 620 mm
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Water connection: Flexible stainless 1/2” R15
  • Flush volumes: Big flush: 2,5 L, Urine flush: 0,3 L
  • Average volumes / flush: approx 1 liter
  • Urine piping: 50 mm
  • Feaces outlet : Fits 110 mm
  • Urine hose: 19 mm white
  • Toilet seat: Standard seat white plastic

Flush only according to use

The marvel of EcoFlush resides in two bowl design. The front bowl is flushed using only 3 decilitres of water after urination. The greater 2.5 litre flush is necessary only after “big” needs. Hence, water is saved significantly, given that most toilet visits are only for urination.

Installation option 1

There are two ways in which EcoFlush toilet can be installed. In the first option, all toilet waste is led to same sewer and a septic tank. This installation option requires a special adapter sold separately.

Installation option 2

The second way to install EcoFlush is to keep urine separated from the rest of the toilet waste and lead them to septic tanks of their own. This method has been very popular in Sweden.

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