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DIY Outhouse

We offer free blueprints for your DIY Outhouse. Download the outhouse blueprints by clicking the links below. 

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It is very common for people to ask for our guidance and help in building DIY Outhouse. Although there usually local friendly carpenters who can help in the building process, many prefer do-it-yourself style. That is why we are here to help in planning and offer free blueprints of a proper DIY outhouse. Our DIY outhouse has been designed to accommodate Green Toilet composting toilet.

Before you print the blueprints and pick up your building tools, be sure to consider the following details first.

The place for the outhouse

In Finland, there is a tradition of saying “go visit the back of the yard” which refers to old way of placing the outhouse as far as possible from the main house. This was obviously due to old outhouses being very smelly because of underdeveloped design in composting toilet systems. However, nowadays composting toilet systems like the Green Toilet are completely odorless and pleasant to use. Therefore, outhouses no longer need to be placed to the edge of the property. Instead, we recommend placing the outhouse where it is close to the main building, so that when the toilet need emerges, the road to toilet is short. Also, consider that it is easy to go to the outhouse during nighttime if no secondary toilet is used indoors.

Another hint we give, is to position the DIY outhouse such that the backside of the outhouse is facing sun, if convenient. Hence, you maximize the warming effect of sunlight to the composting unit and boost the composting process.

Keep in mind that outhouses are generally light weight buildings. They should not require any heavy foundations. Here at Pikkuvihreä, we prefer using 5-10 cm layer of gravel for the outhouse so that rainwater fill flow through the foundation.

Inspiration for DIY Outhouse

Scroll down the Google image results and you will see all kinds of outhouses and composting toilets. The images may give some inspiration, even if you own DIY outhouse would be more conservative. We have also gathered some inspiring images of DIY outhouses in our Pinterest account. Go check it out!

DIY Outhouse inspiration – Pinterest

Pikkuvihreä Pinterest

The superstructure for DIY Outhouse

We are happy to share our exact blueprints for DIY outhouse. The blueprints are specifically designed to accommodate Green Toilet 120 Family or Green Toilet 330 composting toilets.

We highly recommend making the superstructure enough spacious inside. Thus, there is room for the toilet seat and people to move around. Occasionally we encounter outhouses that are practically a square meter wide and we can assure you, it is not nice when you cannot even close the door properly to fit in.

Finalize with the right accessories

The recipe of a good DIY outhouse includes the right accessories. Consider the following:

Ventilation is one of the most important keys to an odorless composting toilet. Depending on whether electricity is available, we recommend using an electric duct fan or a rotating wind cowl. Ventilation is not important just because of avoid odors, it will also boost the composting process and make sure the compost is not too wet.

Lights are also important especially if the outhouse is used around the clock. There are several stores where you can buy ordinary led lights or light bulbs, even solar powered lights.

Outhouse supplies

Hand hygiene goes without saying. There are many ways how you can organize hand hygiene in our DIY outhouse. We offer several good hand washing accessories like the Andy Handy that make hand washing easy everywhere. Take a look at our hand washing accessories.

Dry material is highly recommended in all composting toilets. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider there to store the dry material and how it is use. In our outhouses, we usually have a bucket and a ladle that is used to “cover tracks” after every now and then.

Get creative in decoration!

When it comes to decoration of your DIY outhouse, the expert is you! Surely, the outhouse can be decorated anyway you want. You can use wallpaper leftovers for example, or paint surfaces white to emphasize hygienic look. Here are some ideas for decorating your DIY outhouse.

Ask for expert advice!

We are true experts of composting toilets and outhouse. Feel free to ask our advice in anything related to waterless dry toilets.

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