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Andy Handy water dispenser


Andy Handy is an automatic water dispenser for hand washing. It can be installed onto the base of any bucket or a container. This is a must in any summer house!

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Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


Andy Handy is the favorite of the outhouse users, but it has many other use cases as well: at the garden shed, by the grill – anywhere where hand washing is needed.

Tap the center of the dispenser with your palm to get a handful of water. The tap closes automatically.

Andy Handy can be installed on the bottom of any water container if you can get a precisely 14 mm hole to the bottom. Please note, that both too small or too big of a hole will result in leaking.

Andy Handy is also available ready installed in stylish, hand made zinc container or in a plastic bucket.

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