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Separett Tiny urine separating toilet

Separett Tiny is a urine diverting toilet is especially designed for small and moving homes: boats, tiny houses, RV´s etc. All that is needed for installation is the electric energy of 12 V or 110–240 V and a 50 mm pipe that is used for ventilating the toilet.

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Separett Tiny has been designed especially for small spaces: RV´s, tiny homes, cottages etc. It is easy to install and despite the compact measurements, it can handle large amount of toilet waste – thanks to the urine separation. Special attention has been paid in the design that the service would be easy and clean for the user.

There are two variations of the product:

  • with urine collection inside the toilet (a canister)
  • with urine outlet (through a hose out)

The canister version is usually good for moving homes and tiny houses, whereas the version with the urine outlet more suitable for permanent locations like summer cottages.

When the toilet is used by two persons, the urine container needs to be emptied 2-3 times per week and the solids container once per two weeks. The urine container has a sensor that lights up when it is time to empty the canister.


Filter by function Battery powered / solar powered
Place of installation Leisure home without electricity
Capacity Unlimited – need for emptying depends on the amount of users
Product weight 8,5 kg
Package weight 12 kg
Max user weight 150 kg
Product measurements Length 49,7 cm | Width 39,8 cm | Height 47 cm
Seat height 44-45 cm
Package size Length 52,5 cm | Width 40,5 cm | Height 50 cm
Material Recyclable high-gloss polypropylene
Emptying interval with 4 users (liquids) Every other day
Emptying interval with 4 users (solids) 2 times a week
Inner container volume (liquids) 7,5 l
Energy consumption 0,04 kWh/day
Connection Battery cables 1,55 m or power adapter 110-230 V / 12 V
Total effect 12 V / 1,6 W / 133 mA
Voltage 12V
Ventilation duct / pipes Ventilation pipe Ø50 mm
Noise level in use <30 dB(A)

Package content

  • Instructions for use
  • Installation manual
  • Battery cables for 12 V use
  • Universal adapter for 110-240 V use
  • 1 x latrine container with lid
  • 1 x urine tank
  • Ø 50 mm ventilation pipe 40 cm
  • Adapter Ø 50 mm – 1 ½ ”
  • Ventilation grille with insect net
  • Ventilation cowl
  • Holder for drain cleaning tablet
  • Installation sketch
  • Screws for wall / floor
  • Sample compostable bags
  • Drain cleaning sample
  • Absorb pad sample
  • Filter for ventilation pipes

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