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PuuCee Janne Biodegrader sprinkles 4 kg


An economy pack of the popular, classic outhouse product: PuuCee Janne biodegrader. It can be used in all kinds of waterless toilets to prevent unpleasant odor and flies and speed up composting. PuuCee Janne also gives a nice, lemon scent to the toilet.

In stock: 12 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


An economy pack that lasts the whole summer season!

PuuCee Janne biodegrader – also known as “the outhouse powder” – is the true, yellow, lemon scented classic in the outhouse. It suits to be used in all kinds of composting and dry toilets. PuuCee Janne prevents odor problems and speeds up composting. It also expels flies.

When using PuuCee Janne, it is possible to use less dry material, such as peat in the toilet.

Also the person servicing the toilet will note the difference when PuuCee Janne biodgrader has been used: the compost gets ready faster and it has no smell.


Add a spoonful of PuuCee Janne onto the compost after every use. Do not use other covering material after that anymore. The sprinkles are totally natural and nontoxic.

PuuCee Janne can also be used in other composters, eg to improve the composting of kitchen bio waste.

If PuuCee Janne gets into mouth or eyes, it should be rinsed away with plenty of water.

Storage in cool, dry place. The microbes in the product stay ready for several years and they activate when get into contact with moisture and warmth.

Contents: microbes < 5%, enzymes < 5%, scent < 5%


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