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Green Toilet Waste Composter


Pikkuvihreä Green toilet waste composter is designed for composting all kinds of toilet waste. The container has a special double base which separates excess liquid from the solid waste. Green is perfect for handling eg. the waste from a freezing toilet.

  • safe way to handle toilet waste
  • excellent composting ability
  • large volume: 330 liters
Does not require water Does not require electricity

In stock: over 15 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


Raw toilet waste contains bacteria that should not be let without treatment to the nature, especially not to any water body. During composting, this bacteria will die and the compost turns into valuable fertilizer to be used in the garden. According the regulations, the composting should be done so that not any liquid leaks out. Green Toilet Waste Composter meets the standards and is an easy way to handle toilet waste safely.


The most important part of the Green Toilet Waste Composter is the double capillary base, which works like an under watering flower pot. It lets excess liquid out of the compost mass, but also enables some of the liquid to be absorbed backwards. Thus, the compost will stay adequately moist and composting is efficient.

The excess liquid is led through the hose to a canister. This seap liquid can usually be poured back to the compost, where the urine will speed up the process.

There is a ventilation hat on the top and ventilation holes on the sides, which will let necessary oxygen in.


  • composter, double base and lid
  • canister with hose
  • wheels
  • bag of dry material


Green Toilet Waste Composter is excellent in handling the waste from

  • a freezing toilet
  • small dry toilets
  • small eco toilets or chamber pots

In these toilets the waste does not compost at all or not enough. In Green Composter the treatment of the waste is easy.


It is recommended to compost toilet waste 6-12 months depending on the climate. It is not allowed to let the excess liquid to leak out. In Green Composter the liquid is collected and it can be composted together with the solid waste. If the waste is very wet, some dry material, such as peat should be added.

The compost is ready when it looks like mulch and there is no odor. Then it can be safely used in the garden.

If there is a lot of toilet waste to handle, it might be a good idea to have two composters: when one is used and material added into it, the other one can be let to decompose gradually.

Measurements 66 cm 82 cm 92 cm
Weight of the package 21 kg
Volume 330 liters canister 20 liters
Liquid hose yes Ø 32 mm lenght 150 cm

Can one put bio waste from the kitchen to the same composter?

Yes, you can. Actually, the urea from the toilet waste will boost the composting process, so the kitchen waste will compost faster with it. However, it is important to monitor the moisture of the compost mass and add some dry material if it looks like too wet.

What if the composter freezes?

That is not a problem. Green toilet waste composter can freeze, even if it is full, without any damage to the structure.


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