Dry toilets

Composting dry toilets for outdoors

A composting toilet is a pleasure to use and service when it is chosen right for the use. Here you will find tested, reliable composting toilets both for old and new outhouses.

Modern dry toilets indoors

There is no need to settle for using just the outhouse, as a waterless toilet may just as well be installed indoors. Take a look at our models and contact us if you need any advice in planning.

Portable toilets

Light, portable toilets are useful in many situations: at night, in winter, in a boat or caravan etc.

Quality outhouses

Our outhouses are made in Finland of quality wood and materials. When you choose our outhouse with a dry toilet from us, you can make sure that they are a match.

Accessories for dry toilets

Ventilators, biobags, biodegraders and other very useful supplies for dry toilets.

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