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Separett Privy 501 urine separation kit


Separett Privy 501 is a urine-separation kit that can easily be installed to a traditional outhouse bench. In the package, there is also a stencil for installation and the urine hose. With this kit you can improve your outhouse!

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Does not require water Does not require electricity

Bio freshener capsules for urinals and separating toilets

Freshener capsules keep your waterless urinal or urine separating toilet clean and fresh. The enzymes of the bio capsule prevent the pipes from clogging. Scented, the package include 5 capsules.

In stock: 4 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


Separett Privy 501 is a urine diverting seat that can be installed to a traditional outhouse bench. The separation of the liquid and solid waste will prevent odor problems and make the service of the toilet easier.

Urine hose 200 cm

Opening needed for the seat: width 243 mm, depth 322 mm.

Separett bio drain cleaners are recommended to be used in the urine bowl.

As an option, there is also a separating seat with a thermal seat available: Separett Privy 500.

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