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Separett Freeze Freezing toilet

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Freeze is a convenient freezing toilet made in Finland by Separett. The freezing toilet is an excellent indoor dry toilet that freezes all toilet waste inside it. It works best as an “secondary toilet” inside the house when it is difficult to go to outhouse outdoors (e.g. nighttime). The greatest advantages of a freeing toilet are easy, fast installation and complete odorlessness.

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Separett Freeze is a robust freezing toilet from Finland.

The operation of a freezing toilet is based on freezing of all toilet waste inside a freeze bucket. Efficient freezing makes all toilet waste totally odorless in matter of minutes. In addition, it is recommended to use biodegradable plastic bags around the freeze bucket so that the toilet is easy to empty and keep clean. Use of dry material in the toilet is not mandatory, but we recommend it for better composting process after emptying the toilet.

The technical operation of a freezing toilet reminds very closely to a regular freezer. Power consumption is low compared to incinerating toilets. Also, freezing toilets are generally very robust and have long product life-cycle. It is not anyhow extraordinary for a freezing toilet to last 15-20 years in use, because there are virtually no moving parts that could break in use.

Installation and use

By far the best advantages of a freezing toilet is easy and fast installation. All you need to do is plug in the power, put the plastic bag around the freeze bucket and you are good to go. The Freeze does not require any kind of a ventilation or piping. Therefore, you can place the toilet pretty much anywhere you want and move it for example during house cleaning.

General use cases

The freezing toilet suits best as “a friend” of an composting outhouse toilet. This is because the capacity or volume of the Freeze is very limited, only 20 liters. Therefore, it is not ideal solution to be used as the only toilet available, especially if there are multiple users. In contrast, the freezing toilet is a great secondary toilet in house, when it is difficult to go out for toilet e.g. in nighttime or in winter.

Emptying the freezing toilet

Separett Freeze is emptied by lifting the freeze bucket inside the toilet. The freeze bucket and all toilet waste is then carried out and emptied into a special composter that is suitable for toilet waste composting. From our selection, you’ll find a great toilet waste composter called the Green. The Green has a double base inside it which separates urine from the solid toilet waste and hence composts efficiently and doesn’t smell. For someone considering a new freezing toilet, we always highlight the importance of a proper toilet waste composter, because otherwise there will be soon problems where to empty the toilet.

Weight 35 kg
Length 64 cm
Width 44 cm
Height 55 cm
Sit height 48 cm
Volume 20 L
Power consumption 0.73 kWh/day
Cord 2.3 meter grounded cord
Wattage 45 W
Voltage 230 V
Decibels About 39 dB

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