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Protips for the Green Toilet owners

In this blog post we are sharing tips to the current Green Toilet owners and for those planning to become one. We cover here topics like Green Toilet maintenance and safe use of the compost. In addition, we will answer questions regarding the capacity of the Green Toilet.

Laziness pays off in switching the Green Toilet containers

Every once in a while, we hear first-time Green Toilet users being a little too eager in switching the Green Toilet containers even though the active container has not yet fully filled up. Eagerness is not a virtue here, since the composting process works best when the Green Toilet container is nearly full. This is because the more there is mass in the compost the more energy and microbes there is to make the process work efficiently.

If you are patient enough to just level the compost mass with a mixer or stick, you will notice that the volume of the compost decreases significantly by time. The emptying and switch of containers is best to do only after the entire volume of the container has been fully consumed. Thus, the lazy maintenance person gets the best results with the Green Toilet. 😉

Green Toilet kompostisailion vaihto
We recommend not to empty and switch the containers until it is absolutely necessary.

When the compost mass is “ready”?

One of the most common questions we hear about the Green Toilet is how long it takes for the compost mass to be fully composted and safe to be used e.g. in garden. While there is no discrete measure, we recommend Green Toilet owners to be on the safe side and let the containers compost for at least 6-12 months after pulling the Green Toilet out of use. In addition, we suggest that you only use the ready compost from the Green Toilet to ornamental plants, i.e. plants that are not eaten. Please note that climate is a major factor in composting process. The warmer the climate, the faster the composting process usually is.

In practice, we advice Green Toilet users to let the full container compost as long as the second container fills up. This way you will notice that the volume and weight in the first container may drop up to 50 percent! Hence, it becomes easier to more the container around for emptying.

When you are working with Green Toilets and the compost mass, trust your instincts! If the compost mass looks and smells like ready mulch, it most likely is!

What if the Green Toilet is suddenly being used a lot more and it fills up too quickly?

Spending more and more time at holiday homes and off-grid living have become popular during past few years. Consequently, the traditional compost toilets may not be sufficient to handle the increasing amount of toilet waste. The marvel of the Green Toilet is the spare container, which you can have as many as you need. Thus, you will never run out of capacity, regardless of whether you are using the Green Toilet in private holiday home use or for example in a public park.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that it is often the tine little details that make the difference in between an unpleasant and excellent composting toilet. Ventilation is probably one of the most important things to set in place properly. In addition, there are compost boosters and other biodegraders that speed up the composting process. Most often they are not needed, but some in cases they are very useful.

Green Toilet spare containers
It is common to have several composting containers in public use compost toilets. Picture from a park in the city of Turku, Finland.

Tell us about your experiences with the Green Toilet!

Many of our customers have some model of the Green Toilet product family in use. For us, as the manufacturer of the product, we seldom hear anything from our customers. We believe it is, because our customers see everything working as expected and are happy with their Green Toilet. Still, we would like to hear from you! Please email and tell us

  • How do you like the Green Toilet?
  • What is working well?
  • Is there a way to make the Green Toilet even better?

Our email address is [email protected]

green toilet has long history
Green Toilet has a long history. Tell us about your experiences with the product! In the photo, there is an 18-year-old Green Toilet 330 with a spare container.

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