Green Toilet 330 spare container

Spare container for Green Toilet 330 dry toilet. Using the spare container, the service of the toilet becomes easy, fast and clean. The waste can turn in to ready mulch in the spare container.

  • service the toilet in minutes
  • endless capacity
  • easy and clean maintenance
  • excellent composting result
Does not require water Does not require electricity


Green Toilet 330 spare container is an accessory to Green Toilet composting toilet. In family use, usually one spare container is enough. When there are more users, like in public toilets, more containers can be used.  Green Toilet system can have unlimited capacity with spare containers.


When the Green Toilet that has been in use gets full, it is pulled out and the spare container closed lid is put on it. The lid with the waste shaft is put on the empty spare container and it is taken into use in the toilet.

There is a ventilation hat on the spare container lid to aerate the compost mass. The wheels are changed to the container being moved.

Toilet waste decomposes fully in 6-12 months depending on the climate. The full spare container should be stored on a sunny side of the yard to get boost to the process from the sun. Also, it is a good idea to work the mass with a digging fork a few times during the storage. A full Green Toilet can be let to freeze – there is no harm caused.

You can purchase the whole system: the Green Toilet with a spare container in one package.


  • Height 920 mm
  • Width 660 mm
  • Depth 820 cm
  • Volume 330 l
  • Weight: 14 kg

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