Separett Privy 500 urine-separation kit

Separett Privy 500 is a urine-separation kit that can be fitted into an existing outhouse. Urine and solids are kept separate, latrine type odors disappear and the substantially reduced waste is easy to deal with. Privy 500 has an insulated seat which always feels warm.

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Does not require water Does not require electricity


Separett Privy 500 is a urine separation kit that can be installed to the traditional outhouse seat. It has a warm, insulated seat to bring extra comfort in year round use.

By separating the liquid and solid waste, it is possible to get valuable urine to be used in the garden as fertilizer. The amount of toilet waste to be handled reduces and odor problems are prevented.

Measurements: width 375 mm, 450 mm

Liquid hose: 250 cm

The packaging of Separett Privy 500 has a template that can be used to easily fit the Privy into your outhouse.

Tip! Use the hole in the lid to tie it to the outhouse, this will keep it from disappearing e.g. blowing away.

The thermal seat of Privy 500 is available separately to replace it when needed. Another option of urine separation kit is Separett Privy 501, which has a plastic seat.


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