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Roslagen vacuum toilet package Mokki

Roslagen Mökki vacuum toilet is an ecological water closet for holiday homes. The vacuum enables minimal water consumption and therefore also the amount of waste water is minimized.

  • minimal water consumption: only 0,5 l / flush
  • consumer electricity only for 5-15 € / year
  • reliable system

In stock: 2 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


When you are outside the sewage system and need a toilet, which would not require anything from the user to learn, Roslagen vacuum toilet is the right choice. It is also ecological and saves a lot of money in use compared to many other systems.

There are two Roslagen package options, which are suitable to different use cases:

  • Roslagen Mökki, with a 900 liter septic tank
  • Roslagen Huvila, with a larger tank, 3000 liters

Roslagen Mökki is suitable for seasonal use in holiday homes for 30-90 days a year, 1-5 persons.

The packages includes all the necessary for installation, except the drain pipe from the pedestal to the tank. It is ordered separately according to the need.

Here is an example of the costs of use for various options. The calculation is based on a family of three with 4-5 toilet visits per person daily.

Incinerating toilet Normal water closet w/ 5 m3 septic tank Roslagen Vacuum Toilet
Operating costs / year 1500 € 28,60 € 8,60 €
Emptying cost / year 0 € 710 € 109 €
Costs in one year 1500 € 738,60 € 117,60 €
Costs in 10 years 15 000 € 7386 € 1176 €


The vacuum pump works during flushing and sucks the waste together with very small amount of water to the septic tank. The vacuum enables the use of minimal amount of water.

Between flushes, the drain pipe is empty, there is only air, no water. The system is very reliable, because the waste water is not in contact with the pump or other mechanical parts of the toilet system.

The assembly of Roslagen vacuum toilet is flexible, because the pedestal can be max 4 meters lower and 50 meters away from the septic tank.


  • porcelain pedestal
  • septic tank, 900 l
  • extension part to the septic tank
  • vacuum pump
  • Roslagen control unit

A detailed list of included parts is in the assembly instructions.


The only service that Roslagen vacuum toilet needs, is the emptying of the septic tank once a year.



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