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Closed tank 1250 L

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Closed tank for low-flush or vacuum toilet such as Wostman EcoVac Base. This model can be installed on ground or underground. No need for digging. The volume is 1250 liters.

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Closed tank for storying black wastewater from low-flush and vacuum toilets. This rectangled shaped tank can be dug underground or left on ground next to a building.

An electric alarm for monitoring the level of water inside the tank is sold separately. Recommend that the tank is emptied for winter in case there is a risk for freezing.

The emptying of the tank is usually conducted by a local waste management organization.

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Technical details

Color: Black
Volume: 1250 L
Length: 1215 mm
Width: 895 mm
Height: 1710 mm
Weight: 100 kg

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