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Biokub Thermal Composter 420L


Test winner of thermal composters from Sweden! Biokub is a quality thermal composter entirely made of recycled materials.

  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Perfect for kitchen and garden waste
  • Great volume – 420 liters
  • Made in Sweden
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Pikkuvihreä offers a test winning thermal composter from Sweden – Biokub!

Biokub is made of insulated plastic elements that are stacked one another to make the composter. The plastic elements have been made of 100 & recycled materials and are filled with insulating, freon-free polystyrene. The black color of Biokub is excellent because it maximizes the natural heating power of sun. At the bottom of Biokub, there is a dense filter against the ground which prevents rodents from getting in to the composter. On the other hand, the filter passes ground warm and worms which is good for the composting.

Biokub has a great capacity of 420 liters which is quite a lot more than most thermal composters on the market have. Consequently, Biokub enables composting of kitchen and garden waste all in one composter, which usually improves the composting process.

Usage of Biokub

Assembly of Biokub can be done in matter of minutes without any tools. We recommend adding a tiny layer of dry material and small wood sticks to the bottom of the composter, so that air has the best flow up from the ground. The composter is ready then to be used. The top elements of the Biokub slide nicely so that it is very easy and pleasant to add biowaste to the composter.

The maintenance is Biokub is just as easy, thanks to its low and open structure. You can easily remove and take away the thermal elements whenever needed. We recommend using a shovel or a digging fork to mix the compost mass during use. Mixing the compost from time to time is important so that the air gets inside the composter.

When emptying the composter, simply remove the elements as needed and shovel the ready compost out. The end product can be used from example as a fertilizer in garden or yard.

Please note that the Biokub is not suitable for toilet waste! For that purpose, our selection includes a special toilet waste composter.

Technical details

Volume: 420 liters
Length: 90 cm
Width: 90 cm
Height: 90 cm
Weight: 24 kg
Made in: Sweden

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