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Wostman EcoDry separating porcelain pedestal


Wostman EcoDry urine separating porcelain pedestal is suitable to be used with a composting toilet container underneath (eg. Green Toilet 330). Urine is diverted into a filter , a container or the sewer system.

Does not require water Does not require electricity

In stock: 5 pcs

Delivery estimate: 1-3 days (in Finland)


Wostman EcoDry is a quality pedestal for a dry toilet system. It diverts urine already in the pedestal.

EcoDry has a minimal flush (optional) for cleaning the urine bowl. The package includes an air-tight toilet seat with a lid, which has a soft-close function.


  • Length 39,5 cm
  • Depth 58 cm
  • Height 45 cm
  • suitable for a waste shaft Ø 200 mm (available from us by meter)

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