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Ventilation Kit 75 mm


Pikkuvihreä Ventilation Kit 75 mm is a ready installation package for the ventilation of a dry toilet. Ventilation is an essential part in the operation of dry toilets.

  • prevents odor problems
  • boosts composting
  • boosts evaporation of liquid
  • helps in the service of the dry toilet

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Does not require electricity

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Ventilation plays an important role in the operation of dry toilets. When the ventilation is working right, the toilet is pleasant to use and service. Usually the idea is that the seat or the pedestal of the dry toilet has underpressure and the air flows from the seat through the waste chamber out. Thus, the dry toilet can be even more odorless than a water toilet. Also, good ventilation boosts the evaporation of excess liquid and contributes to the composting process. As a result, the service of the dry toilet will be easier.

So, there are many reasons to invest in the ventilation of the dry toilet. Please refer to the manual of  your existing toilet or contact us for more information.


  • Flexible pipe Ø 75 mm, length 50 cm, 1 pc
  • Hat for ventilation pipe Ø 75 mm, 1 pc
  • Coupling for ventilation pipes Ø 76 mm, 1 pc
  • Ventilation pipes Ø 75 mm length 100 cm, 2 pcs
  • Holders Ø 75 mm, metal, 2 pcs


The ventilation pipe line works best when it is led up as straight as possible and preferably over the roof top. However, many times some curves are needed, but they should be kept as low as possible.

The flexible pipe in the start of the line helps to take the pipe up eg. along the back of the outhouse wall. On the top of the pipe, a pipe hat is put to prevent flies and rain entering the pipe.


If necessary, the ventilation can be boosted by a wind fan or by an electrical duct fan.

An electrical fan is highly recommended whenever the dry toilet is installed indoors. Also, if there are any problems in the traditional outhouse with odors, a wind fan is the best accessory to start to tackle the problem.

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