Pikkuvihreä wind fan black


A high quality wind fan, which boosts ventilation without electricity. It is an excellent accessory to a dry toilet, but can be used for other ventilation purposes as well. Fits into 75 mm or 110 mm ventilation pipe.

Does not require electricity


A wind fan is a great accessory to a dry toilet. It boosts ventilation and evaporation of liquid waste and prevents odor problems efficiently.

Pikkuvihreä wind fan is can also be used to ventilate other spaces, like small cottages, sheds, cellars etc. Please note, that it is not suitable to be used with a fireplace.


  • height 41 cm (with the 75 mm pipe fitting 51,5 cm)
  • diameter of the cowl 25 cm
  • Weight 2,2 kg
  • Material: cowl aluminium, pipe galvanized metal

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