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Products and services

Not only products – but solutions to holiday homes, houses outside the sewage system and for ecological living

The decades of experience we have, together with the work we do daily here at Pikkuvihreä, enable us to offer complete, working solutions for our customers living off-grid. Our whole selection of production is based on ecology, but we also stress the importance of comfort and easy maintenance.

Iceland outhouse
Iceland outhouse for tourists visiting the glacier.

Our core expertise are dry toilets, grey water purification and composting and all the supplies to them. We do not want to offer only products, but complete solutions with advice for installation and maintenance. In our web shop all holiday home owners, people living off-grid and ecologically minded will find many useful, tested products.

Our own products are the Green Toilet product family and GeoTrap waste water purifiers. In addition to that, we manufacture a wide selection of necessary supplies: eg. styrofoam seats, fans and urinals. In our web shop, you will also find selected products from other manufacturers. We aim always to offer the best solution for our customers.

There is plenty of information about the products, but if you are unsure – we are here for you: chat, whatsapp, or send us e-mail.